Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and requires immediate, committed action.


Investment in modernizing our country’s infrastructure & expanding public transit will create new jobs & protect our community's health


Immigration policy should be based in fact and compassion, not fear and racism.


Extreme wealth and income concentration is unjust and threatens economic stability.


We must work to end violence against Black communities.


Healthcare should be a right for all Americans not a privilege.


Trained as a research scientist, Alison Heslin is running for Congress to advance socially just, evidence based policy.

Alison Heslin was born in Morristown, New Jersey and grew up in Sparta, graduating from Pope John High School. She then attended college at the University of Richmond before earning a masters and doctorate degree studying Political and Economic Sociology at Emory University in Atlanta.

As a researcher, Alison Heslin studies the ways the natural environment affects communities. Namely how events like natural disasters, extreme weather, or food insecurity affect migration, social conflict, or inequality. As a policy maker, Alison is invested in addressing both environmental health and social inequality, protecting the natural environment and those most vulnerable to its damage.

Alison Heslin and her family have a long history in the 11th district, where she is the fourth generation to call this area home. Russell Noncarrow, Alison’s great-grandfather served as Postmaster for the Morristown post office from 1935-1954. Her parents both graduated Morristown High School, marrying at Assumption Church in 1975. Alison’s grandparents lived in Madison and Morristown, where they were involved in local politics and public service. After years of study and research have taken Alison around the country and the world, she is devoted to work for the betterment of her home district and community.